Psycho-Social Support

empowering women to make informed decisions about their situation through court support services, basic counselling and rehabilitative counselling for perpetrators.
Court Support Services

Many women are intimidated by the courts atmosphere and tend to shy away or are unable to articulate issues in front to f the magistrate. EWF therefore prepares women for the court session.

Counselling of survivors of GBV

We provide counselling to survivors of Domestic Violence and this empowers them to cope with their lives and to make independent decisions pertaining to their future.

Couple Counselling

We also offer couple counselling to clients who are referred from the court

Rehabilitative counselling of perpetrators

On realising that women, who statistically are the majority survivors of gender based violence do not want to leave their abusive relationships, there therefore is the need to rehabilitate perpetrators of GBV so that they realise the folly of their behaviour.